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Obviously, 2020 has been a tumultuous year.  We’ve all had to be flexible as we adapt to changes in the way we work, learn, shop, travel, etc.  For many of us, this has included working and learning from home.  Various technologies enabling working from home have been around for years, but only during this time of necessity have they gained wide acceptance.  However, a requirement that all of these technologies require is a low-latency, broadband Internet connection.

Most Arkansans who live in the larger cities and towns, have multiple options for broadband — or at least one good option.  However, rural Arkansas still has some of the worst options for those looking to work from home.  In the last few years, WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers), electrical cooperatives, and local telephone companies have expanded their options.  Federal and state funding have fueled expansion.  But large swaths of Arkansas still don’t have a viable broadband option.

Natural State Networks works with cellular providers to provide low-latency, high-speed connections to consumers and small businesses all across the state… even in locations you would think (or were told) it was impossible.  Our passion is connecting Arkansans.  Our experience with the cellular carriers, RF engineering, and commercial cellular solutions gives us the knowledge and skills to provide those same solutions to all residents of the state.  Some of what we post here will be specifically about our products and services.  Other posts will be how to improve performance on solutions you may have already purchased from someone else.  The goal of our posts is to help Arkansans get connected and be able to work, collaborate, learn, shop, and stay engaged wherever they happen to live.

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